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BCI Definition

BCI is an acronym for Brain-Computer Interface. Also known as electronic telepathy or synthetic telepathy.

Incubus Definition

Google Definitions: A male demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women[1].

The BCI incubus uses the illusion of a disembodied spirit to illicit anonymous sexual relations.

End Game BCI

The end game brain-computer interface is capable of literally any possible variable or state of consciousness.

Surveillance Based BCI

Surveillance based electronic telepathy is BCI connected to surveillance technologies such as: RF capture[2] & interferometry[3] (speed of light electromagnetic scanning), spy satellite photography, smartphone and tablet mics & cameras, computer microphones and cameras, and neural monitoring aka thought surveillance.

The BCI Incubus - BCI Voyeurism

The common BCI Incubus is your standard bloodliner pervert, willing to intrude upon any other being's mind and body for their own indulgence. No particular gender or age is a limiting factor of the sexual perversions of the ruling class, with the exception of the geriatric.

The BCI voyeur is able to interface reality including the target's body using surveillance based virtual reality. The senses and visuals are streamlined via occult neuroscience methodology.

The BCI incubus has access to the real body of their target. The pedo-sadists who comprise the shadow government utilize advanced technologies for their own perverted ends, this includes BCI experiences based on the electromagnetic scans of genitalia of men, women, and children.

BCI Intruders Packaged as Astral Projection

The BCI incubus and/or an artificial intelligence programmed by shadow government sources are standard perpetrators during technologically induced virtual reality packaged as sexual "astral projection".


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