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BCI Definition

BCI = Brain-Computer Interface. In other words the mind connected to an electronic telepathy artificial intelligence.

Reality BCI™

What the writer of this wiki has coined as 'Reality BCI' is using brain-computer interface technologies in conjunction with surveillance. This is currently being perpetrated illegally by war criminals who oversee a global military / intelligence black ops crime syndicate. The planet-wide black ops network is ruled by secret society members who both use and weaponize BCI and advanced artificial intelligence for their own despicable agenda.

Electromagnetic Surveillance - Ai Warfare

• Electromagnetic scanning methods are the apex scanning methods in the universe (e.g. RF capture[2], Interferometry[3])
• Invisible electromagnetic waves can be used as the basis for environmental scanning
• We live in a sea of organic and inorganic electromagnetic waves
• The brain emits electromagnetic waves (brain waves)
• The brain's electromagnetic waves can be surveilled, while the contents of the mind are revealed
• Brain waves can be mapped into BCI artificial intelligence: Brain wave frequency mapping will be a huge topic in the coming neuro-tech revolution (when these technologies become public domain)
• Through electromagnetic surveillance both mental and physical realities can be determined

Surveillance Based Interfacing

Coming Soon

The Perpetrator’s Perspective

• The perpetrator/administrator can interface reality with surveillance based electronic telepathy and surveillance based virtual reality cognitions, the perpetrator can look at the victim through real time VR mind interfacing technology and listen's to the victim’s thoughts by electronic telepathy technology playing Ai processed remote neural monitoring data
• Comprehensive environmental and mind surveillance is being fed to the admin’s mind via the suite of electronic telepathy technology
• Electromagnetic mind control can be used to design the experience & reaction of the target
• Operating AI can use methods of interfacing with the perpetrator’s mind for decisions
• Designer has options of what kind of inter dimensional being they would like to impersonate (e.g. Demons, Jinn, Incubus, Phantom, Exotic, etc)
• Scripted via Ai programming or done in real time with an admin

As revolutionary as BCI technology can be in every field, BCI has proven to be shadow government sadist & pervert's wildest dreams come true

The Target’s Perspective

• Remote influencing technologies interact with the target’s mind, body, and environment
• Electronic telepathy impersonates the designed “inter dimensional being” to the target
• Artistic inter dimensional being themed conceptual energy is used via electronic telepathy
• Directed energy weapons used to alter the environment of the target to coincide with the inter dimensional being facade (Text doesn’t do the potency of these weapons justice)
• The stronger the experience the stronger the beliefs are (Harder programming to dislodge the illusion)

Inter Dimensional Being Illusions

With the full suite of black project technology it is possible for a physical being to pass as an inter dimensional being to an unsuspecting target using remote technologies. Further, through technological interfacing directly connected to invisible Electromagnetic Weaponry, a physical being can interact with an environment with all the qualities of design as the mythologies of inter dimensional beings. This is done through varied forms of directed energy weaponry and a central artificial intelligence (Ai).

An inter dimensional being is the perfect illusion. The being is invisible and the environment provides for overt interaction while the true identity of the perpetrators remain hidden. The true source is not seen and therefore void of prosecution or scrutiny for their crimes.


[1]: This wiki page was adapted from an upcoming book release titled: The Electronic Control Grid, by Omnisense
[2]: RF Capture: MIT Used WiFi to Recognize People Through Walls
[3]: Cold Atom Interferometry Sensor