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There are occult truths and meanings to things and then you have the public consumption version. NLP aka neuro-linguistic programming is a topic which distinctly matches that description. The standard definition of NLP is a bastardized and/or watered down version for public consumption, while the true definition of NLP yields a greater understanding of the natural laws of the universe and the manipulation at play in the world.

Standard NLP Definition

According to wikipedia the definition of NLP: “is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s.[2]”

Occult Definition of NLP

Omnisense NLP Definition: The mind programming tied to language

Linguistic Mind Programming

Everyone has mind programming. Mind programming is behind the mechanics of emotions, words, locations, etc. All language induces mind programming, it is part of how we understand the language mentally. NLP is existent in both polarities of positive and negative. Words have definitions and they have an association programming. For example the NLP of the words “Conspiracy Theorist” have been socially programmed by mass media to have a neuro-linguistic programming of absurdity and incredulity. NLP is molded by associations to words.

The powers that be use this occult NLP knowledge for their own tyrannical ends while deposing the public with a watered down version. Mind programming knowledge is one of the biggest advantages the conspiring ruling class have over the population. I see it as possible that they are behind the current definition of NLP, to co-opt a potent deeper truth in the mass mind, much like they did with the law of attraction according to Mark Passio[3].

Examples of Shadow Government NLP Affected Words

• Tin Foil Hat (Discrediting NLP)
• YouTube Video (Marginalization NLP)
• Conspiracy Theorist (Discrediting NLP)
• Liberal
• Aliens
• Associating Abduction with “Anal Probes”
• Considerable NLP Manipulation has gone into perception of social systems (Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, etc)

The Power of Wording

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