Natural Laws of the Universe

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Natural Laws of the Universe

  • The natural laws of the universe put in simplest terms are the mechanics of the universe, the laws of nature that compose & govern the universe
  • The natural laws of the universe are immutable, they cannot be broken. For example there is a speed limit to space travel (it isn't the speed of light), this speed limit cannot and will not ever be broken
  • Natural law applies to everything we perceive, even perception itself is tied to natural law
  • Natural laws provide the universe's mechanical structure
  • The universe's natural laws are static, in other words unchanging
  • Scientific laws of the universe: the factual mechanics of the universe
  • All legitimate scientific mechanics both known and unknown are natural laws of the universe. e.g. the laws of physics, the laws of consciousness, the laws of genetics, the mechanics of soul.
  • Natural laws could be accurately termed, in part, as the limits of the universe
  • The laws of nature can be open source to design, this does not entail a natural law being broken, it occurs as an open source nature of a natural law mechanic

Morality as Natural Law

While morality does technically involve the natural laws of the universe, this author believes morality has no basis in being summarized by the phrase natural law as is detailed by another highly respected alt media personality (highly respected by myself as well). Morality is not universal, nature creates beings with and without morality, both good and evil.

Natural Law & Evil

The natural laws of the universe are the limits of evil, evil is willing to afflict the limits of cruelty & suffering.

Purposes of Natural Laws

  • Perpetuation of life in the universe

Natural Laws & The Occult

  • Part of the occult is the study and application of natural law (e.g. unknown psychology[1], black project science[2])
  • The occultists seek to keep knowledge of natural laws from the public
  • Occult knowledge of unknown natural laws yields high ground for psychological warfare
  • Occult knowledge of natural laws provides fertile grounds for elitist secret society mindsets
  • A potential occult meaning of the Holy Spirit is the order behind the natural laws of the universe.
  • More Coming Soon

Universal Binaries:
  • light / dark
  • day / night
  • good / evil
  • truth / illusion
  • objective / subjective
  • positive / negative
  • hot / cold
  • balance / imbalance


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