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Occult Wiki

Occult Wiki was founded on July 21st, 2017 by the activist musician Omnisense.
This is a de-occultism wiki.


The Shadow Government Cybernetic Network
List of Shadow Government War Crimes
God as a Psychological Direction Tool
Natural Laws of the Universe
Faux-Demonic Possession
Occult Definition of NLP
The BCI Incubus
BCI Sadism
Agenda by Proxy
Surveillance Based Intellectual Property Theft
Surveillance Based BCI
Thought Generation Construct
Dark Laws of Attraction


Ex-Satanist Priest Mark Passio
Nikolas Schreck

Coming Soon

Occulted Quotations
The Dark Ritualist Seance
Shadow Government BCI Voyeurism
Full Spectrum Programming
Analysis of Watered Down and Bastardized Versions of the Truth

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