List of Shadow Government War Crimes

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20th & 21st Century Shadow Government War Crimes

The planet is dealing with evil, not simple greed or marginal corruption. The natural laws of the universe are the limits of evil. One of the tenets of evil is sadism, a taste for cruelty and pain in both the innocent and the enemies of evil.

Evil often knows it's enemies. On the opposite side, a person can be an enemy of evil without realizing it.

Shadow Government War Crime List

"The constitutional system of checks and balances has not adequately controlled intelligence activities." ~Church Committee

General War Crimes
  • Strategic weaponization of anything debilitating (e.g. substances, poisons, neuro-toxins)
  • Sick minded world spanning psychological operations
  • Suppression of revolutionary and positive change
  • Attacking any threat to expose the truth unscrupulously
  • Manipulation and malicious engineering of society
  • Protection of dirty industry - Promotion of corrupt industry over revolutionary & positive alternatives (e.g. Hemp)
  • Psyche profiled people are given covert BCI inserted ideas that shape society
  • Conspirators or mind control assets within corporations, banks, schools, hospitals, mainstream media, alt media, police, law, military, intelligence agencies, & governments
  • Nuclear radiation poisoning of the world (Fukushima was caused by these parties)
  • Infesting of what's pure is an official shadow government agenda
  • Exploitation of resources
  • Concealing of the occult (which applies to every field)

Electronic Warfare Holocaust
  • Microwave warfare induced cancers & tumors strategically given to individuals
  • Psychiatric warfare - Infiltration of psychiatric industry for cover up & weaponization purposes
  • Remote influencing technology based entrapment of individuals
  • The shadow government has sick minded attribution agendas. What this means is that they desire to eliminate the presence of 'natural' accomplishments, while attributing criminal or unacceptable activity as much as possible. In other words they control events through radio frequency brain implants of persons with agendas to curtail what could be considered a great timeless accomplishment or the opposite, attribute an atrocity or terrible premise to someone.
  • Covert torture of individuals with fake physiological symptoms to promote drugging
  • Transexualization of thousands of straight people via the products of mkultra
  • Turning straight people homosexual (There are reasons beyond people's wildest dreams why they do this, which includes the future BCI incarnation history enabled society)
  • Investing in attacking people in ways that will attack them for many millennia to come (If you didn't know this was possible, it is)
  • Malicious designing of consciousness through the products of mkultra (RF neuroscience)
  • Strategic sabotage of industry (all types of industry)
  • Covert seeding of agenda oriented thoughts (e.g. Hollywood, mainstream media, alternative media)
  • Using neuroscience to induce the maximum abuse possible
  • Promotion of many types of abuse through covert electromagnetic mind control
  • Electromagnetic mind control of stabbings, shootings, rapes, molestations
  • Disconnecting people from soul/genetic attributes through brain damage while replacing the soul's attributes with agenda operated thought insertion
  • Soul mate cointelpro - Ruination of prospects of reincarnation based soul mate relationships

"... the last fortification defending the greatest sanctuary of freedom,
the human mind, has been breached!" ~Charles Briere

Social Engineering
  • Eugenics (control of genetics through murder, arranged marriages, honey traps, covert mind control)
  • Inciting racial division of the masses through covert psychological operations
  • Control and strategic deception of the masses through mainstream media
  • Creation of and/or exploitation of brain imbalances
  • Intentions to incriminate as many people as possible. The black ops crime syndicate heads are already so incriminated there is no going back, and they desire company in the eternally damned club
  • Corporations as a hand of evil
  • There is a powerful strategic agenda to incriminate corporations
  • Pro sports are controlled through body control via RF weaponry implantation. I am not aware of a 'natural' pro sport anymore...
  • Hollywood directors seeded NWO agenda aligning thoughts for film scripts
  • Predictive programming covertly implemented into commercials & film
  • Select targeted musicians are suppressed & sabotaged
  • A whole generation of music creations have been sabotaged by CIA mind control programs
  • Labeling those who understand there is a pervasive conspiracy in the world as mentally ill
  • Labeling those who understand there is a pervasive conspiracy in the world as terrorists
  • Desensitizing of the public in strategic areas, creating triggers in others
  • Shadow government orchestrated etymology (warping word definitions to match occultist goals)
  • Elevating pseudo-experts or manchurians to positions for social engineering purposes
  • The hidden hand commonly controls both left and right wings of politics
  • Controlled technology release[1]
  • Suppressing revolutionary change once it's potential modality is discovered[2]
  • Attempted control of spirituality worldwide - Control of religious institutions
  • Creation of new age mind control assets throughout alternative media, with a partial intent of programming the souls of the population with nonsensical ideas about reality and spirituality

COINTELPRO / Counter-Proliferation Programs
  • Co-opting and/or targeting of progressive social movements & groups
  • COINTELPRO targeting of individuals
  • Targeted individuals of all races, nationality's & creeds
  • Poisoning of the food supply, water supply, and air
  • Use of every dirty trick in the book against cointelpro targets

Psychiatric Warfare
  • Drugging of the masses (including many American children[3])
  • Mental health ideology intentionally designed as a means of oppression
  • Medical kidnapping under false psychiatric charges[4]

  • Control of governments: while progressing slow but consistent agenda
  • Creation of the War on Terror (e.g. A way to justify massive spending to beef up the directed energy weapon grid)
  • Creation of the War on Drugs (The war on drugs is a war on the people)
  • Implementation of fascist & despotic rules and regulations
  • Intentionally making law and government documents hard to understand
  • World Health Organization (WHO) corruption[5][6]
  • Suppression of miraculous healing substances (e.g. CBD/THC)
  • Suppression of naturopathic remedies
  • Corrupt pharmaceutical science regulation
  • Dishonesty is a standard ethos of government PR
  • Control of Government Agents & Politicians via electromagnetic mind control
  • Unwitting mind control assets throughout key positions
  • Electromagnetic mind control of Presidents and Prime Ministers
  • Propping up, blackmail & control of dictators
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) corruption destroys the well being of the U.S. public
  • FDA corruption destroys the health of the U.S. Public[7]
  • Monsanto infiltration of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Government philosophy is to persecute whistleblowers
  • Division of the populations through liberal & conservative paradigms
  • Republicans and Democrats take turns taking the blame while progressing the same covert agenda
  • Nationalist rationalizations are used to manipulate those in government

“The difference between Mafia and Government: The Mafia does not have a fifteen thousand hour system of indoctrination
during your formative years to convince you it’s activities are something other than organized crime.” ~Unknown

Intelligence Agencies & Military
  • Proliferation of war
  • Shadow government control of intelligence agencies and militaries (While controlling them to pillage, torture & destroy)
  • Narcotic smuggling - CIA black ops funding missions[8]
  • Intentional malicious programming of genetics through BCI technologies
  • The shadow government implements dirty use of the law against their enemies, while they embody the worst criminality on the planet
  • Eroding of freedoms worldwide through an fully engineered 'War on Terror'
  • False flag events worldwide (Predictive programming oriented)
  • Mainstream media complicity in covering up war crimes
  • Brain damage is being done to both targets & assets, I have caught wind that strategic brain damage in assets of the shadow government (to augment evil) is another compartment of the conspiracy. Another operations objective of the shadow government is to strategically damage areas of the brain of targets while supplanting their soul's thought generation with Ai controlled RF implants.

"No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine.[9]" ~William Blum

Surveillance Abuse
  • Black project brain wave frequency surveillance yields all the contents of the mind, intelligence agencies worldwide are abusing this data
  • Theft of intellectual property by way of neural monitoring and broadcasting it to others via the electronic control grid[10]
  • PERVINT - Surveillance based BCI[11]: A fully interactive AI reconstructed body based on hi-tech electromagnetic surveillance data. This is being abused by Western intelligence agencies across the board and is likely used as a secret society perk.[12]
  • An artificial intelligence operated electromagnetic surveillance grid monitors and psyche profiles the global population, after data analysis a covert directed energy weapons system is used to assault those who are most resistant to brainwashing and those most capable of opposition
  • Electronic control grid administrators have access to people's thoughts as they interact with them, including full brain wave surveillance connected BCI lie detectors

  • Julian Assange, Vault 7 Press Conference: “The CIA is the largest intelligence agency in the world by budgetary expenditure.”
  • Dr. Udo Ulfkotte: “Do you really think that this is journalism? Intelligence agencies writing articles…[13]
  • Former DEA Dennis Dayle: “In my 30-year history in the Drug Enforcement Administration and related agencies, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned out to be working for the CIA.[14]
  • The CIA has mastered the craft of bullshitting
  • War by proxy is standard procedure at the CIA
  • The CIA employs overzealous weaponization of everything possible
  • The Central Intelligence Agency has a cover story front for public rationalization of what it does
  • The CIA practices and masters knowledge of psychological manipulation in use persuading/manipulating Washington DC with doctored intelligence[15]
  • There are CIA world spanning information warfare programs proliferated through the electronic control grid
  • Covert divide and conquer is employed against domestic and international civilian populations
  • There are CIA superiors above the official director
  • I would suspect the CIA director can be informed or pretty clueless about the full scope of black operations
  • These shadow CIA heads are not elected or appointed by the U.S. President
  • CIA higher ups commit acts as if they are Charles Manson mixed with Adolf Hitler
  • The CIA BCI black ops agent model suppresses or negates a sense of humor, empathy, and in general they are not allowed to feel love
  • Manufactured war on terror has the CIA’s signature
  • Engineering of weaponized viruses & other biological warfare
  • The CIA likes to do criminal activity when they have the opportunity to explain it with a "rational" cover story
  • I have heard stated in the electronic telepathy network that the CIA has the most comprehensively mapped black project artificial intelligence in the world
  • The deeper and dominant side of the CIA is full of serial mind rapists
  • The CIA has built Ai models to simulate any American (i.e. Mind control & interrogation Ai)
  • From what I could gather, the CIA is majorly influenced by a foreign power, the Vatican
  • CIA actions controlled by a war mongering secret society of bloodliners
  • According to several sources the founding director of the CIA, and subsequent directors have a tendency to be Knights of Malta aka servants of the pope
  • It is possible that arranged electronic control grid influence is sold to the highest bidder by sources like the CIA. If this is the case the bidders are likely chosen very carefully, and have very criminal and sinister ethos similar to the groups who set up the electronic control grid. Also possible that initial investors in the electronic control grid now have seats of power.
  • Hypothesis: The CIA is the largest perpetrator of electronic targeting on the planet
  • In my view the CIA should be extirpated

“The CIA knows how to manipulate conclusions.” ~Omnisense

The Vatican
  • CIA Vet E. Howard Hunt said in the documentary A Coup: Made in America: “We always said in an admiring way that the Jesuits have formed the greatest intelligence service in the world, always have.”
  • A group called the “Society of Jesus” likely has their hands dirty with the electronic control grid
  • The Black Pope is the official leader of the Society of Jesus
  • Vatican bank system allegedly connected to Italian Mafia
  • Vatican library secrets have been hidden since times of mass illiteracy worldwide
  • A Vatican hidden artifacts of history treasury is sure to exist in my opinion
  • Vatican conceptual energy matches extremely dark realities
  • High tech faux-demonic possession exorcism used as a method to gain followers
  • Using God as a Psychological Direction Tool[16]
  • Diplomatic manipulation of governments & monarchies
  • Conspiring Cardinals
  • Vatican & Jesuits credibly behind countless dissident & heretic murders throughout history
  • A Jesuit oath speaks of assassination of ideological opposition, slaying the enemy’s children, and waging relentless war (e.g. Creating civil wars in artistic & prosperous nations)[17]
  • A world full of nescient catholics donate to an incredibly corrupt church
  • The top leadership of the Vatican are fake Christians using the religion for greed, lust & power
  • Imposters of Christ - They pretend to believe in Christ but secretly serve darkness
  • Imposters of God taken to a new level with electronic telepathy impersonation
  • Hidden hand behind wars for centuries
  • Secret Vatican Bible & history knowledge is utilized by shadow government
  • Agenda to wipe any true evidence of Christ off the face of the Earth
  • Inside the electronic telepathy network a Satanist is said to be the true head of the Vatican
  • I believe that a Vatican source heads the shadow government as of April 2017
  • The Catholic Church has paid out $3,994,797,060.10+ as a result of sex abuse scandals[18]
  • Alleged illuminati insider Svali says she witnessed the satanic ritual murder of a child in a basement catacomb of the Vatican[19]
  • One name I heard as an insider to the electronic telepathy cybernetic network is Joseph Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict XVI

“With the track record the Vatican has, it should be banned from going anywhere near children.” ~Baboshka

Corporate & Business War Crimes
  • Infiltration of corporate decision making via electromagnetic mind control
  • Direct secret society infiltration of corporation administration
  • Manchurian candidate assets peppered throughout corporate world
  • Coercion via threats, blackmail or other tactics
  • Motive: To control societal pillars of power
  • Control of corporation hierarchy via surveillance & electromagnetic mind control
  • Electronic control grid control of promotions to ultimately suppress certain ideologies
  • Electromagnetic mind control based incrimination of disobedient sources[2]
  • Strategic covert electronic control grid seeding of ideas (e.g. Hollywood, big pharma)
  • Corporate masters as a means of controlling government
  • Like intelligence agencies, corporations are an optimal vessel of evil
  • Covert sabotage of software via electromagnetic mind control of developers
  • Corporate product sabotage through the electronic control grid
  • Targeting of businesses with high ethics & ethos
  • Backdoors in corporate software - Government administrative panel access
  • Vulnerabilities by Proxy - Mind control of computer programmers
  • Covert murder of disobedient CEOs and board members
  • Covert sabotage or murder of positive paradigm shifting CEOs and board members[20]
  • Societal engineering or societal sabotage via corporations are end game agendas

"I worked for Microsoft and other large software companies. My handlers told me through the microwave hearing effect if I did not put a backdoor into their databases and operating systems that they would kill my family. I went to homeland security and the FBI, but they didn't care. They just said I was crazy. I never did it and my family was never killed.[21]” ~ Interview with a Corporate Spy

  • Control of information - Control of beliefs through strategic schooling
  • Indoctrination centers masquerading as educational institutions
  • Dumbing down of the masses through educational brainwashing
  • False history taught as truth
  • Making schools like prisons - Police state schools
  • In my childhood they would make us pledge allegiance to the country’s flag every day, this is a form of repetition mind control & brainwashing
  • Example of NWO Ideology: “I recall taking classes in literary theory in grad school and being told the individual was dead, the individual didn't exist, the individual was a social construct -- had huge problems with that notion, but they're teaching that!” ~Ramola D

“Our entire school system has become a mind control network.” ~Ex-CIA Agent Robert Steele

  • International control of banks
  • Control of the world's money & assets

Shadow Government Sexual Exploitation
  • Promotion of the molestation of children
  • Molestation as a strategy against a target
  • Rape as a strategy against a target
  • Proliferation & cover up of pedophilia networks and prolific pedophiles
  • Rape culture: rape of men, women and children in every form of rape they can think up[22]
  • War criminal sex slave network(s)
  • Electromagnetic scanning of body parts for BCI/VR sexual perversions is being perpetrated

Satanic Ritual Abuse
  • Satanic ritual abuse of millions+
  • Hidden hand behind holocausts
  • Genocide and poisoning of the oceans
  • Intentionally started forest fires (e.g. Multnomah Falls, Oregon)
  • Desecration of the sanctity of life in every country
  • Prolific abuses of BCI technologies (e.g. BCI Sadism[23], BCI sexual exploitation[24], BCI mind intrusion, BCI mind rape)
  • The electronic harassment perpetrators like to force despicable pedophile BCI in non-pedophile targets
  • Intelligence agency higher ups and various shadow government war criminals afflict individuals with serial mind rape
  • Mutilation of the body's of countless individuals has occurred
  • Intentional malicious programming of soul to the degree that some may never recover fully (ever)
  • They are programming the souls of individuals with crudeness, aggression, anger, hatred, sexual deviance, and any other evil variable that is available to program a soul with
  • Intentionally creating the conditions for suicide for countless individuals worldwide
  • Malicious targeting of selected children
  • Intentional destruction of targeted families (More families than you may realize have been affected by shadow government operations)
  • Shadow government war criminals are sick minded abusers
  • Shadow government war criminals are as dirty as it gets

Death / Murder by Proxy / Assassination
  • Murder is a shadow government ethos
  • Assassination of some of the best and brightest musicians
  • Assassination of scientists and doctors who bring potent truth
  • Murder to cover up areas of the conspiracy (e.g. of experimentation targets)
  • Murder over resources
  • Murder for hire[25][26]
  • Genocide of animals, plants, the indigenous
  • Eugenics sabotage of bloodlines (e.g. elimination of bloodlines that oppose corruption)

Testimony of Survivors

Targeted Individual Musician Omnisense Targeting Case[27][28][29]
  • Remote neural monitoring enabled targeting AI
  • Electromagnetic mind control
  • Countless neuroscience based tortures (Dozens of thousands of times since 2007)
  • Prolifically sick minded abuse
  • Trauma Based Mind Control
  • Torture Every Single Day Since Late 2007 - Countless Psychological Tortures
  • Character Assassination - Vicious Discrediting Mind Control - Public Disrepute
  • A Labyrinth of Subversive Tactics
  • Thought Suppression
  • Cloning of the Senses / Torture Through the Senses
  • Technological Illusions / Technological Mind Tricks
  • Electronic Telepathy / v2k / Microwave Auditory Effect / Microwave Hearing Harassment
  • Virtual Reality Tortures - Synthetic Dreams - OBE Tortures
  • Neurobody Tortures
  • Synthetic Pain Signals
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Sensory substitution
  • Impersonation of Demons, Extraterrestrials, Archangels, Jesus, & God via v2k
  • Demonic Possession Facades
  • AI Automated Torture and v2k Scripts
  • v2k Voice Cloning
  • Overloading of Memory via v2k
  • EEG Cloning
  • Emotional blunting via electromagnetic neuroscience
  • Depersonalization via electromagnetic neuroscience
  • Body Control
  • Body Language Control / Facial Movement Control
  • Forced Speech
  • Severe Food Poisoning Symptoms
  • Financial Losses
“Directed energy weapons can reproduce any torture in existence.” ~Omnisense
  • Suppression of Personality
  • Malicious Character Reorientation & Personality Suppression
  • Thought Sonorization (Training the brain to think in words instead of concepts and images)
  • Memory Loss
  • Lost Time
  • Malicious Neural Conditioning
  • Body Mutilation
  • Directed Energy Attacks on my Ribs/Bones
  • Directed Energy Attacks on my Ears
  • Deadening of skin - Peeling microwaved skin off parts of my body
  • Liquification of skin
  • Stabbing Pains (e.g. In the Eyes or Organs)
  • Bone Pain / Spine Pain
  • Brain Pains / Headaches / Migraines
  • Eye Pains / Involuntary Eye Movement Tortures
  • Damage to Eyesight / Fuzzy Eyesight
  • Involuntary Body Movement
  • Muscle Spasms / Severe Muscle Cramps
  • Muscle Tortures / Ripping of Muscles via Directed Energy Weapons
  • Tendon and Vein Tortures
  • Laser Pain on Bones
  • Attack of my Scalp
  • Loss of Hair
  • Attacks on my Esophagus
  • Technologically Induced Unquenchable Hunger
  • Severe Shortness of Breath
  • Sudden Inability to Breath
  • Burning Sensations
  • Sudden and Non-Attributable Heart Rate Increases
  • Directed Energy Attacks on my Heart
“Attacks are designed to appear implausible to better conceal the crime to the people the target speaks to.” ~Omnisense
  • Profoundly severe itches
  • Feeling of brittle or rubberish bones
  • Illusory feeling of broken bones
  • Pain tolerance matrix manipulation
  • Torturous synthetic emotions (Synthetic depression, horror, fear, doom feelings, etc)
  • Synthetic sexual arousal / anhedonia
  • Spontaneous fatigue / lethargy
  • Overwhelming synthetic apathy or passivity at strategic times
  • Synthetic ADHD symptoms at strategic times
  • Synthetic addiction feelings
  • Sleep deprivation / Electromagnetic stimulants
  • Technological black out
  • Synthetic Optics
  • Torturous synthetic tastes + smells
  • Hyper-sensitivity to light - Light sensitive eyes
  • Hyper-sensitivity to sound
  • Hyper-sensitivity to smell
  • Hyper-sensitivity to temperature (Heat / Cold)
  • Torturous cold sensations / Torturous heat sensations
  • Strong anhedonia (Suppression of pleasure)
  • Various forms of desensitization
  • Suppression of emotions - Negation of emotional matrix
  • Negating awareness of social standards & etiquette
  • Vomiting is one of my most disliked things possible, this has been technologically induced well over one hundred times in the last 2-3 years
  • Technological gag reflex
  • Targeting of lymph nodes
  • Induced sickness
  • States of being where all food and food smells are repulsive
“The CIA is an international terrorist organization.” ~Omnisense
  • Sonic Nausea - Sonic Tortures
  • Synthetic claustrophobic feelings
  • Spontaneous tearing without emotional thinking
  • Uncontrollable smiling at inappropriate times
  • Electromagnetic mind control based forced laughing to things I would not laugh about
  • High frequency noises / Buzzing & vibrations / Auditory clicks
  • Neural Heterodyning (e.g. Lacing sounds with v2k, enhancing pain signals)
  • Subtractive Version of Neural Heterodyning (Removing high frequencies from audio cortex input, removing enjoyment signals from senses, etc)
  • Disrespectful changes in the tone of my internal voice
  • my hand being automated to open when I am holding things (and thus dropping them)
  • Controlled decreased dexterity
  • Technologically induced loss of balance
  • Technologically induced inability to concentrate
  • Various forms of electronic harassment while I produce music
  • Directed energy based high frequency sound interference while producing music
  • Electronic Harassment while I produce videos
  • Electronic Harassment while I do graphic design
  • Wounds induced by directed energy weapon methodology
  • Directed energy induced coughing attacks
  • Technology induced trance-like states
  • Circadian rhythm manipulation
  • Distinct and abrupt consciousness change followed by a deep sine wave ear ringing
  • Extremely excessive watering of mouth via directed energy neuroscience
  • Control of blood flow to body parts
  • Head pressure
  • Inner nose area enflamed via directed energy to cause disruption in breathing
  • Distorted or contorted consciousness
  • High pressure feelings related to my ears/hearing
“… regardless of country MK Ultra is always there with you.”
~Targeted Individual George Baez
  • Stomach tortures
  • Various forms of poisoning
  • Threats (Typically via v2k)
  • Harassment of many types
  • Strategic intimidation
  • Denigration
  • Isolation
  • Gaslighting
  • Derivatives of gaslighting
  • Mind control based frame jobs
  • Mind control orchestrated arrests
  • Mind control orchestrated car accidents
  • Mind control of people to attack me (Which is an incredibly effective tactic due to the nature of incredulity in mentioning someone is being mind controlled)
  • Likely covert torture of my friends and family
  • Attempts at tainting of every piece of work I ever do
  • Attempts at predictively programming the public about myself
  • Attempts at destroying my valuable relationships / Orchestrated relationship breakdowns
  • Monetary suppression
  • My possessions are a focus of the targeting design I am afflicted by
  • Mind control based slander & character assassination is being employed against me
  • Lately I have experienced almost full blown sense hijacking, when I smell or taste something my electrical signals are being tampered with via electromagnetic neuroscience
  • I believe I have been implanted against my will, potentially in two+ different areas of my body
  • I severely dislike death smells & this has been exploited with synthetic signals
  • I have been given cannabalism based electronic telepathy experiences as a form of torture
  • I get gruesome pictures of disembodied people created and/or augmented in my mind
  • I have experienced electronic telepathy designs where my lineage was being decapitated, images of decapitated heads in my mind’s eye
"It is insane what our government is doing." ~Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan
  • Entrapment
  • Sick minded focuses on areas of my body
  • Forms of Molestation / Technological Rape
  • Street Theatre
  • Thought Broadcasting
  • Engineered Accidents
  • Coughing up Blood
  • Teeth damage / Synthetic tooth pain
  • Organ damage / Synthetic organ pain
  • Lung damage / Synthetic lung pain
  • Strategic brain damage (e.g. Memory, limbic system)
  • Cloning other people’s mental flaws to myself via electromagnetic neuroscience
  • Some form of physics technology used to create misfortunes for me
  • Directed energy weapon targeting of my private parts
  • Malicious body design
  • Malicious & strategic inflammation of bodily areas
  • Arranged disease
  • Electromagnetic sterilization as a form of eugenics
  • Dehumanization
  • Personality theft / Intellectual property theft
  • Psychological attacks on my soul through synthetic emotions
  • Continued attempts at misaligning and/or reorienting my soul via forcible mind control
  • Synthetic suicide programming (Which I resisted and wouldn’t kill myself)
  • Drugging / Electromagnetic drugging
  • Synthetic mind matrix - Mind control matrix
  • Slow kill techniques
  • Artificial tinnitus (Consistent ear ringing since my overt targeting began)
“Directed energy targeting programs are the
biggest injustice of the early 21st century.”~Omnisense
  • When I was a child they used to hit me with synthetic fear and a strong electromagnetic mind control based awareness of a gremlin presence inside air vents
  • As a child I was hit with severe synthetic claustrophobic feelings (This can be very tough to experience)
  • I was given relatively intense synthetic dream tortures as a child
  • I was once told via electronic telepathy I would feel the pain of my achilles being cut through synthetically, it happened shortly after the v2k conversation
  • I was once asked if I would sacrifice for my family, if I would take pain for them basically. After confirmation I experienced 3 severe synthetic organ puncture feelings to a major organ
  • I have been bled and given stitches several times by electronic control grid orchestration
  • I was once given an incredibly severe pain in the core of my brain (Perhaps close to the limits of what a pain in the brain can feel like)
  • The limits of consciousness have much higher thresholds than anything I ever experienced naturally (Both in positive and negative polarities of consciousness)
  • Several times I have been woken up in the middle of the night while directed energy weapons stretched & ripped my calf muscles
  • I have been woken up at night and given the experience of not being able to breath, while synthetic doom and death energies are implanted into my mind
  • I have been woken up in the middle of the night and been given a technological version of heartburn, at times far beyond anything I could imagine is natural, while this is happening sinister v2k & electromagnetic mind control are employed
  • I have been tortured in a synthetic “OBE” scenario where I was just a ball of consciousness inside the VR, hit with severe synthetic fear and torturous energies
  • I was once given a severe British Royal family oriented virtual reality torture, afterwards I was told via v2k that they murdered Princess Diana and had given her a VR before death (I cannot confirm or deny the veracity of that full v2k claim to me)
  • I once looked out a window and perceived the illusion of brightly lit up almond shaped eyes flying through the sky at me, while given a strong internal body wavering fear coupled with a deep feeling of predatorial doom
  • I once experienced what I consider major food poisoning symptoms that were heterodyned and augmented with electromagnetic energy to be incredibly severe, while this happened I experienced v2k torment as is standard procedure for targeted individuals
  • I was once told while looking at a church crucifix “Be ambitious, end up there.”

v2k Threats to Omnisense (Scenarios I have been threatened with for exposing their programs)
  • That my family’s dog will be tortured
  • That if I get a cat it will be run over by a car
  • That my 1-3 year old nephew will be “bled”
  • That my family will be attacked
  • That my friends will be attacked
  • Those I work with will be sabotaged
  • Those who share my material and/or contribute to my opposition will be punished
  • Those who I email will be mind controlled (Or I will be)
  • Those who I actually like will be turned against me
  • Those who were once called friends more or less will be used to discredit me
  • I will be tortured in certain terrible ways for the rest of my life
  • That I will be burnt alive with a shadow govt orchestrated house fire
  • Threats to burn other people's houses down (with them inside) if I don't stop exposing their conspiracy
  • That my partner (if I had one) will be raped
  • That they will achieve slow kill objectives on me eventually
  • That targeted individuals will be tortured if I continue my work
  • That people will be made into targeted individuals if I continue my work
  • That people will be murdered by the shadow government if I continue my work
  • That mind control assets will be unleashed upon myself in a discrediting fashion
  • All of these were after failed recruitment attempts

“The black ops psyche is dominated by a terror doctrine of sadistic ritual abuse.” ~Omnisense
Testimony / Quotes:

“They are not targeting criminals, they are not targeting terrorists, they are not targeting spies. They are targeting outstanding people, people of great integrity, people of courage, people of activism, people of morality and conscience and community.[30]” ~Ramola D

See Also My Work in Progress: Suggested Shadow Government Punishments


[x]: Some portions of this page are from the upcoming book: The Electronic Control Grid, by Omnisense
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