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Ex-Satanist Mark Passio

Mark Passio Bio

"Mark Passio is an anarchist, independent researcher, public speaker, radio talk show host, conference organizer and freedom activist from Philadelphia, PA. Mark has undertaken the task of assembling vast amounts of research in the areas of metaphysics, occultism, spirituality, symbology and consciousness studies. In 2007, Mark began presenting this information in the form of a presentation series entitled What On Earth Is Happening, with the intention of bringing the implications of this body of knowledge to greater public awareness.[5]"

Mark was a Priest of the Church of Satan.

De-mystifying the Occult

Mark Passio Quotes - De-mystifying the Occult

“Truth is at war with mind control and deception.[2]”

“Emotional mind control means that you are going to gauge information based upon how it makes you feel, as opposed to looking at the actual data and trying to determine whether it is actually true or not.[2]”

“... it’s like we’re from the other team bringing the playbook of that team and explaining what they want to do. We took that to the other side, to the other team because we defected…[2]”

"The word occult is derived from the latin adjective occultus, occultus means hidden from sight.[2]"

“So occultism is related to vision, it is related to what we are capable of seeing. Capable of perceiving or not perceiving. C.W. Leadbeater an occultist from the 20th century said how shall we define occultism, the word is derived from the latin occultus meaning hidden so that it is the study of the hidden laws of nature…[2]”

“This is what true occultism is, it is the recognition of the laws that ultimately govern the universe, and it is the study of those laws.[2]”

“Occult knowledge is held by very few people unfortunately, because a Priest class, a superclass of occultists decided to sequester that knowledge and use it for their own selfish benefit. The masses of humanity remain ignorant to what occultism is, and to it’s influence in their daily lives. That’s why the world is enslaved.[2]”

“So these groups of satanists were comprised of an eclectic array of people from every walk of life and every social institution on the face of the earth, including politics… there were people running for political office at just about every level, state to local. … national politicians, law: there were lawyers within satanism, judges, bankers, people in the media, … military and police. Their ranks are, believe it or not, filled much more than you would even like to believe or think about, how many police and military people are directly involved with satanic grottos. Entertainment, even sports, medicine, doctors, and teachers. Many teachers I saw, and especially college level university level teachers were present at satanic rituals. And there’s a reason for this, they’re putting their people into point positions of power. They’re working them into all of the social institutions. That’s how they get their bidding done. That’s how they advance their group agenda. These were people in positions of great influence and power throughout our entire society.[2]”

Mark Passio on Anton LaVey & The Satanic Bible: “He was charged to write that book, to give the whole ideology of satanism in a much lower watered down level to the general public to identify people who would be drawn to that belief system, and then again flow into their ranks.[2]”

“I talk to people and I try to tell them, zombie movies are about us, they’re about the human population. They're not about like some viral outbreak that’s gonna happen and turn people into this. They’re about the human population being dead, being spiritually dead… They’re about the population being spiritually deadened beings, and overtaking the earth.[2]”

Church of Satan Application[6]



Mark Passio notes the psychological profiling potential of the second application form[2].

Mark Passio Quotes - New Age Bullshit

“… the new age movement is something that works hand in hand with the control system, it is in fact simply another religion…[1]”

“The new age suppresses the masculine, the masculine aspect is action, and just like religion they want to tell you action isn’t required, …[1]”

“… putting certain people in left brain imbalance and your putting people in right brain imbalance…[1]”

“This brain imbalance toward one brain hemisphere or another, … is the goal and the dream of the dominators of this world, of the occultists. So I want to just tell you a brief story, when I was involved in Satanism and I was attending Satanic rituals at different locations, largely in Pennsylvania and Maryland; Some of the higher level Satanists, or what you might call Luciferians I don’t know if they were that high up in the hierarchy, but people .. like who’s house the ritual was at, or good friends of them, or people who were coming in to be a guest and witness the activities of the grotto, were telling people that they were very influential in the publishing community for the new age. And telling people wait until you see the information, were talking about here the mid 1990s, telling people about all the books and all the information that they were going to be publishing and peddling through the so called new age movement. And they said we’re behind this, were doing this, because it’s pushing people into the form of imbalance that we want to push them into.[1]”

“They were telling some people in side conversations after the ritual, because somebody brought up what new agers think and believe, and openly telling people we’re responsible for a lot of that material, were putting it out there. And I believe them because they said wait until you see what will be coming out in the next few years, we are going to give people completely erroneous notions of the laws of attraction, we’re going to give people completely erroneous notions of how people create their reality, …[1]”

New Age Deceptions

New Age Deception: Ignore the negative[3]

Correction: Seeing the negative for what it is creates the ability to steel oneself against it’s harmful effects, and possibly even avert those effects entirely.

New Age Deception: We’re all one, so it’s all good. Moral Relativism - There is no right or wrong. Many new agers tout the concepts such as right & wrong as “dualistic,” and therefore invalid. They try to convince people that everything is ok.[3]

Correction: It’s not all good. There is a right and wrong, and the lack of identifying right and wrong is what got us into the mess we are in.

New Age Deception: You can never really know. There’s no such thing as truth or knowledge, it’s all a matter of subjective opinion. Solipsism: The ideology that only one’s own mind is sure to exist. “All I know is that I know nothing.[3]”

Correction: Truth exists independently of perception. Perception is not reality, but our work is to align the two.

New Age Deception: Watered down version of the laws of attraction - Thinking holding a belief in one’s mind will automatically change the mechanics of reality in one’s favor. … To think the victim is at fault for being victimized. Mark Passio testifies Satanists are trying to obscure the true law of attraction with a watered down new age version[3].

Correction: The true law of attraction involves action. We co-create our shared reality in the aggregate.


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