Dark Laws of Attraction

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Dark Laws of Attraction

The dark laws of attraction is related to the construction of a society that rewards those who serve the occultist agendas, while punishing and subverting opposition to evil[1].

  • Those that accept the agenda ascend in society while those that oppose the agenda are subverted. After consistent & pervasive programs of this nature society will have been engineered from top to bottom and conditioned to behave in an occultist approved manner.
  • Punishments & Rewards come in both covert & overt forms
  • Dark Karma: Those with the highest capability to take action against evil are ruthlessly targeted & subverted by any means possible[2]
  • New age mind control assets are rewarded for being controlled opposition, this can come in a form that corroborates the new age laws of attraction to a target
“When you look deep into the dark, the dark looks right back at you.” ~Musician Radio Illuminati

New Age Laws of Attraction

  • The occultist promoted mass delusion: the new age laws of attraction
  • Mark Passio states that he witnessed occultists predict the coming of strategic new age ideology at Satanist grotto meetings in the 1990s[3].
  • New age laws of attraction states that by simply holding something in your mind it changes the nature of reality in one's favor
  • Allegorical truth: electronic control grid influence adjusts to the belief system of an individual
  • A false laws of attraction is an occultist agenda to delude understandings of universal laws[4][3] (See: Natural Laws of the Universe)

From Mark Passio's highly recommended lecture:
"New" Age Bullshit And The Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine

“They were telling some people in side conversations after the ritual, because somebody brought up what new agers think and believe, and openly telling people we’re responsible for a lot of that material, were putting it out there. And I believe them because they said wait until you see what will be coming out in the next few years, we are going to give people completely erroneous notions of the laws of attraction, we’re going to give people completely erroneous notions of how people create their reality, …[3]"

See: Law of Attraction Psychological Operations

Occulted Laws of Attraction

The standard laws of attraction involve action. We co-create our shared reality in the aggregate[4][3].


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