Suggested Shadow Government Punishments

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Shadow government sources have committed the ultimate acts of treason. Extraordinary war crimes are due for extraordinary punishments.

See: List of Shadow Government War Crimes

Suggested Shadow Government Punishments

  • all shadow government war criminals should should be tried for treason in their respective country
  • prison
  • execution
  • money & assets / property seized (this can be rightly used to compensate victims, ranging from most severe/critical and down)
  • extraction of data (prosecutors could reward select individuals who bring sizable evidence to bring down the shadow government network and get more convictions)
  • conspiring companies sanctioned, fined extremely heavily or disbanded. Heavy compensation given to neuro-tech victims.
  • Universal Basic Income penalties in future lifetimes (put them in a 'criminal' threshold -- the lowest threshold -- if they require UBI)
  • BCI psyche profiles of persons, places, and things will be possible in the future. Background checks of a person going back into previous lifetimes is going to be possible.
  • secret societies should be fully investigated, certain secret societies should be destroyed and not allowed to reform. Conspiring secret society members need to be surveilled and prosecuted.
  • lower priority in Ai systems when they are otherwise equal with another prospect
  • we should not allow soft punishments. Government is swift with force to severely punish the everyday common man, but completely resistant to punishing the worst murderers & war criminals in history. This hypocrisy is unacceptable.
  • central shadow government AI's disconnected from directed energy weapons, hard drives taken for analysis, and the AI destroyed
  • the electronic control grid war criminals believe they can escape prosecution via death. Due to the incredible scope of violations to the sanctity of life & the free will of mankind I suggest community service in future lifetimes of the most grievous perpetrators every single lifetime up until the point we have a fully integrated artificial intelligence society where nobody has to do autocratic or substandard work.
  • if an asset is willing to speak fully about the network and their war crimes in a fashion that is detrimental to the network, mitigation or elimination of certain penalties may apply
  • war criminal families and other assorted syndicate common demographics can be neural monitored for extirpation of corruption
  • laws need to be established to combat conspiring against humanity with malicious cosmic sources
  • we need to kick the conspiring cosmic sources (the shadow government handlers) out of our solar system

Corporate Penalties:
  • corporations involved in surreptitious targeting of civilians in grievous experimentation or war criminal programs should be fined incredibly devastating amounts, while sanctioned heavily or extirpated. Fines should go directly to victims as compensation as soon as possible. Note: In my lifetime I have seen cruise liners dump garbage and sewage into the ocean and be reportedly fined less than they saved by doing it. This is completely unacceptable.
  • corporations with significant corruption & war crimes should be excluded from the future space program, and also not allowed federal funding / contracts (with no exception)
  • more coming soon

  • blacklisted from power positions in society
  • blacklisted from being in government
  • blacklisted from being military or police
  • blacklisted from being CEO, or on a Board of Directors
  • elimination of business ownership ability, or harsh business sanctions
  • let businesses & organizations blacklist certain historic war criminals from working for them
  • personal blacklists

Reincarnational Sanctions

The basis for incarnation penalties is that science will eventually verify the soul, reincarnation will have observable scientific basis therefore society will adapt it's systems to adjust to new options.

Another basis for the severity of these punishments is that the shadow government black ops crime syndicate is behind mass sabotage of genetics. Instead of a more innocent soul incarnating in incredibly sabotaged genetics, this author finds it most suitable that those who created the monstrosity live in it.

  • reincarnation grid penalties (incarnated in the lowest denominator)
  • being cut off from their chosen conspiring class bloodline(s)
  • being displaced or banned from a country
  • cannot be a head of a bloodline (at least for some time when heads of bloodline incarnation becomes integrated into society)
  • asset sanctions
  • being reincarnated in bloodlines they have been part of sabotaging
  • demonetization of incarnation history for the worst perpetrators
  • reincarnational community service up until Ai can do every horrible job
  • perpetrators disconnected from BCI access in future incarnations (the shadow government has an operational neuroscience based agenda to degrade the souls of their opposition while attempting to upgrade their own soul attributes through similar means. This could even out the soulular advantages they gained, and thus curtail the societal advantages over their victims gained from their war crimes)

  • an incarnational money cap - all extra money goes towards taxes
  • monetary assets not transfering incarnations
  • property not transferring incarnations

Reasons for Reincarnation Penalties for the Shadow Government:
  • the shadow government has major operations to degrade the genetic attributes of the general public, this has created abominable life conditions. Instead of an innocent soul dealing with someone else's mess, I recommend that shadow government conspirators incarnate in their own horrific genetic creations.
  • the shadow government has systems in place to degrade soul attributes of their opposition with neuroweaponry, while using BCI (brain-computer interfacing) to upgrade their own soul attributes. They are seeking advantages in the future society by sabotaging the soul and genetics of others. Once this is established as true (after soul science and disclosure have occurred in the public domain), I recommend permanent reincarnation penalties for the perpetrators.
  • the shadow government has betrayed the planet in the worst possible ways, traditional punishments are simply not adequate for these conspirators. For a list of what they are doing see: List of Shadow Government Agendas & Methods

Future Space Program Limitations:
  • future space program limitations persist through death, can be applied for an amount of time or can be indefinite
  • heavy space program limitations on interstellar travel of historic war criminals who pass a certain threshold of atrocity
  • all shadow government war criminals should not be able to own or control a fleet of interstellar spacecraft
  • core shadow government perpetrators should be rejected from travel to cosmic vacation planets (by those who operate them) and the planets of advanced races
  • shadow government perpetrators should be cut off from cosmic bloodlines and cosmic breeding
  • if one exceeds a certain threshold of war criminal activity they are not able to own an interstellar spacecraft

It is to be noted the likelihood of the intelligence community planning patsies. In other words someone who is not the prime perpetrator(s) meant to take the fall. It should be a prime directive of prosecution to seek the true decision makers of the shadow government network and the largest perpetrators of the global conspiracy.

After the public knows the war crimes perpetrated it should be clear that the highest scrutiny should be applied to government.